Code of Conduct

West Berkeley Fencers and Guests:

  1. Fair play and good sportsmanship are hallmarks of our sport and expected at all times. The referees call is final and arguing with the referee or your opponent is not allowed.
  2. Floor priorities during class times are exclusively for the class; no open bouting may occur during class times.
  3. Weapon priorities are determined by the appropriate night (please see calendar) and the staff of WBFC.
  4. Open bouting is organized on a "two bouts, then come down" system, unless the Floor Coach or Head Coach chooses to modify the system.
  5. WBFC staff reserves the right to maintain order up to and including exclusion of disruptive fencers or bystanders from the premises.
  6. Fencers and guests must adhere to all safety standards in terms of wearing appropriate protective clothing, using only properly maintained weapons, and fencing in a safe manner. No shorts are allowed for classes or bouting.
  7. Fencers and guests will keep the fencing floor clear of personal equipment at all times; weapons, masks, etc., may be stowed on the benches or in the lounge area during practice times.
  8. Fence hard; be kind.